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Are YOU in the mood for delicious food using fresh ingredients at an affordable price from a great local restaurant? If so, then we are the perfect destination for you. We offer fantastic meals to our diners that can be enjoyed anywhere. Our menu features a host of mouth-watering dishes and scratch made specials. We take pride in creating a memorable dining experience.

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Chad Spencer

Last week was the first time we came to that fine restaurant. But It is surely not the last time. We had a good time with the courteous service, with the great meal and wine and with the modest charge. We will definitely visit there in a short time.

Gerald Gentry

I sent my friends to this restaurant with my highest recommendations. I go to this restaurant often. This recommendation is always successful. The the cooking is yummy and the team is attentive and cooperative. Every time we eat in this place.

Tom Sweiss

This place was amazing. Miso soup was the best I’ve had in a while. Rolls were really tasty and at a good price. The waiter was very friendly. They had outdoor dining which was a plus. This is my new go to place for Chinese and Japanese dishes.

Pembroke Ind

This spot is my preferred one. I visit plenty of restaurants but to this restaurant I keep coming back again and again. The crew is very cordial and the cooking they cook is so yummy. I would always prefer to have a decent dinner in this restaurant.

Marley Montoya

I love this spot! They offer good dishes, their menu is rich, The chief cook in that restaurant is a professional, I love very much eating all their dishes. The dishes are always tasty, the service towards the clients is helpful.

David W.

Super clean place. I have visited this location twice. Once for take out and once to dine in. My wife had sushi and I had sweet and sour chicken. My wife is a picky eater and she loved the sushi. I enjoyed my meal as well as the chicken was hot and fresh.